Fixed DNS for

Thanks to the awful domain registar the website was not working for everyone because the registrar appended some crap to the name server's location, essentially breaking dns for this domain for no damn reason other than to force me to login to their horrible control panel so they can up sell me some shit. Just for that i have started the process of moving from enom to dotster, in hopes of not having to worry about such issues again.

Bringing Back SnarkCafe

Seems like after a very long, hiatus the website has finally been turned back on. some things around here are new, while other places like the forums should have been carried over and working as before. it will take a while to dust everything off around here and get them back up and working again. for the most part everything else should be working, any suggestions or help are greatly appreciated during this time. I hope to keep things updated from here on out, expect some things to change as I'm sure we will be branching out to other places.

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