How to setup and use Wally

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How to setup and use Wally

Postby HyPNOS » Wed Jun 10, 2009 1:20 pm

This tutorial will hopefully give you a better understanding of how Wally is set-up, and configured.

I will be creating a spray for demonstration purposes only. If you wish to know more about how to do transparency and get the most out of your sprays, I suggest you read the other tutorials we have here..


First we need Wally, get it here:



Once installed, we need to configure it for Sven Co-op.

First click the 'Wizard' tab and select 'HL Colour Decal' from the drop down menu. It will bring up the following window, as shown here:


Next, we navigate our Half-life folder, by clicking the button with 3 dots: number 1 in the pic.


It will similar to what mine is set to. e.g "C:\Steam\Steamapps\<accountname>\Half-life"

Next we go to the 'Please select the modification' tab.
If you have selected the correct Half-life folder (where Sven Co-op is installed) You should see the modification(s) appear automatically as seen in the pic. Select Sven Co-op!


Picture tips

Ok, so Wally is configured. Next we need the picture we want as our spray!

I'm not going into detail about how to set-up your picture. I will give you a few tips you should use.

Resize your picture (make sure it's divisible by 16 pixels!)
Use this chart for ref:


I usually use 128x64 or 64x128 as it adds better quality to the spray.

Save it as .BMP


Loading and Saving the spray

Right, your picture is ready to be made into a spray. Back to Wally.

This is my preference, if you do this another way, fine.

Make sure 'File on hard drive' is selected. Next click on the button to bring up a window and find wherever you saved the picture. Mine are saved to Desktop for quicker access.


Note: You only use 'Let me edit' if you wish Wally to edit the picture for you, but i prefer to do the editing myself.


Now you have your picture loaded, you can now save it.

If you notice it says "Pldecal.WAD" ignore it.

Open up File > SaveAs and navigate to your Sven Co-op folder e.g."C:\Steam\Steamapps\<accountname>\Half-life\SvenCoop"
And find 'Tempdecal.WAD'. You will probably already have a 'Tempdecal.WAD' there, don't worry if it's not there.

Finally, Right-click on 'Tempdecal.WAD' and make sure it's set to 'Read only' (Which I believe stops the default spray appearing) then save it and exit Wally.


It may say on exit, something like "Do you want to save changes Pldecal.WAD" No you don't.


Only thing left to do, is load up Sven and spray!!!


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