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Welcome to Snark Cafe's Bash Quote Half-Life related!

Remember well this is Half-Life, sven co-op, and Snarkcafe Related bash quotes.

Get posting on some of those quotes!!!


  • 8-22-2005
    Launch of Snark Bash! A half-life related bash, for the sven co-op community, feel free to add quotes.

120 Quotes Approved, 8 Pending Approval

#198 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<Mart> hey guys check out my new hate list, you're all on it
<Insane^> lol

#195 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Commando> i'm gonna make my whole web-site outta HTML
<Insane> lol

#189 | Rank: +(46)- | Report
<Geminosity> watch me grab the attention of every male on internet ^^; =3 ^^

#187 | Rank: +(50)- | Report
<@Insane^> Seriously though
<@Insane^> All this past week I've been "**** that is a nice engine" at RL
<@Insane^> Like
<@Insane^> There was snow blowing of the roof of this hotel
<@Insane^> And I was all "****.. I need that particle system".
<@Insane^> And then I realised what I'd said.
<@Insane^> And went and cried.

#186 | Rank: +(45)- | Report
<Nil_IQ> it can, it look me 10 minutes to realise it wasnt going in because i just wasnt pushing hard enough
* Nil_IQ prepares to be quoted out of context

#185 | Rank: +(53)- | Report
<+brute_force> who the hell submitted the quote where I typed like a moron?
<@Mendasp> brute_force, there isn't enough space on the internet if we have to store the lines where you type like a moron.

#184 | Rank: +(68)- | Report

#183 | Rank: +(61)- | Report
<DOOManiac> i had an important revelation last night
<DOOManiac> i figured out, i need to date a chick who loves Transformers
<ronin^Freak> ...
<Cartman2b^CS> ...
<Thansal|Depressed> LOL
<Cartman2b^CS> lol
<DOOManiac> that way when we are getting freaky she can be all "arise, Rodimus Prime

#182 | Rank: +(47)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> the scary thing about NSBash is that no-one ever tells you when they are submitting something, it just appears there
<PS_Mouse> why someone might even be submitting this now...

#181 | Rank: +(55)- | Report
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> some girls, you that taste, some girls, enjoy being treated like sluts
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> whos to say WHY they do, but god bless them for doing it
<Boomstick> yeah i could totally say they like the taste
<Boomstick> ermm.. not that i'd know what that
* Boomstick has quit IRC (Quit: CRAP)

#179 | Rank: +(52)- | Report
<+spacer|mapping> mapping force sounds like a childrens tv show
<+spacer|mapping> like the power rangers
<+spacer|mapping> "OH NO, EVIL DOCTOR R_SPEEDS IS TRYING TO LAG THE CITY!" "muahaha!"

#176 | Rank: +(48)- | Report
<Scythe-> there's plenty of money to be made on the streets
<Redford> *EL SIGH*
<Scythe-> you could always.. y'know... sell certain services from street corners...
<Scythe-> like... oven cleaning...

#175 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<Infinitum> Nem, wanna speak to my mother?
<Wither> oh yes put your mother on the phone
<Infinitum> pick it up
<Infinitum> shes waiting
<Blahman> "uh, hello.. internet boy..."

#174 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Talesin> Movement - My personal first choice, for one reason alone. Celerity skulks. Take a small child and feed them a mixture of pixie sticks, steroids, and crack. Then hand them a pair of butcher knives, and scream real loud. You'll get roughly the same effect..

#173 | Rank: +(50)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> interesting fact
<PS_Mouse> I am yet to 'woo' a girl my own age
<Infinitum> 'woo' = chloroform

#172 | Rank: +(45)- | Report
<Redford> I hate being a mod in some ways - I HAVE to be evil.
<Redford> I'm like BLARGH and I scare the new people in the chat.
<supernorn2000^> Redford, the solution is to stop saying BLARGH
<Redford> neg. I have blargh trademarked.

#171 | Rank: +(47)- | Report
<Fam> I may be the same star sign as esuna, but at least I wasnt born when the earth was in full phase with the planet Idiot..

#170 | Rank: +(37)- | Report
<Scythe-> Half-Life seven will be out by then.
<Shelle> Yeah, and he'll be fighting the nurses that are coming to give him sedatives...

#169 | Rank: +(48)- | Report
<Wither> CS ANYONE?!?!!?
<Bogglesteinsky> NO
<Bogglesteinsky> sorry
<Bogglesteinsky> reflex action

#168 | Rank: +(53)- | Report
<DOOManiac> if i had my way, steam would be vaporware.. (PUN INTENDED! HAR HAR HAR)
<[FFT][XeRoSLaYeR]> moo

#167 | Rank: +(36)- | Report
<Commando^> Redford! RELEASE THE MONKEY!
* Redford releases the monkey
<rabbiteh> menkey???
<rabbiteh> where?!
* Kaine[zof] protects rabbiteh from teh monkey
<|DL|JazzX> One monkey? It had better at least have a knife.

#166 | Rank: +(38)- | Report
<eediot> ronin do you have a beard
<eediot> i bet you do
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> actually
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> I do
<eediot> ..
* eediot gasps
* eediot has quit IRC (Quit: RUNAWAY!!)
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> LOL
<DralTheImpaler> ....

#164 | Rank: +(26)- | Report
Quasar1337: anyway, christians have no imagination
Quasar1337: everyone else has funky names for their gods, what do they call theirs? God.
Quasar1337: BORING ARSES.

#162 | Rank: +(37)- | Report
<Reese_> he's just worried the project will get zazied like the last one was.
<@PS_Mouse> zazied?
<Reese_> yeah
<Reese_> zazied - adj. A state in which a project is slowed to the point where it is impossible to determine if development has stopped.
<@PS_Mouse> lol
<@PS_Mouse> ref: ns_widow

#161 | Rank: +(62)- | Report
<Redford> So an underage guy. On a bike. Drunk. Wearing a skirt. Thank the gods you didn't run into any police.
<esuna> underage guy?
<Redford> well, underage in the US, where do you live?
<esuna> england
<Redford> whoops, that's right. Ok. Not underage.
<Redford> legal drinking age is 21 here.
<Sonic^> 21?! what kind of sick backwards country do you live in!
<Bogglesteinsky> america

#160 | Rank: +(67)- | Report
<L3on> !tb Flayra 1h
*** ChanServ sets mode: -v+b Flayra *!*
*** Flayra was kicked by ChanServ (Bye. (L3on))

#159 | Rank: +(52)- | Report
<Wheeee> sup rooz!
<Behrooz> Just getting home from work and finding dinner.
<eediot> check underneath the couch
<Parhelion> meow?

#157 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> hrm
<PS_Mouse> does the 35 seconds that 35s are named after have any significance?
<|R18|Play> it means they will f*** u up within 35 seconds
<PS_Mouse> minus the u?
<PS_Mouse> ^^

#156 | Rank: +(39)- | Report
* killer_of_spiders was kicked by Ness (Infected with idiot virus. Come back when you've removed it)
* killer_of_spiders has joined #lunixmonster
<killer_of_spiders> um......dude...i have not clicked on links.......
* killer_of_spiders sighs as he boots up norton
<Ness> You must be infected more than I thought
<killer_of_spiders> you know what....
<killer_of_spiders> die

#155 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
* Shockwave^ is using /me's because he can't see anything else
* Shockwave^ has got all standard messages in black on black, and can't fix it
* RaydenUni wait. we are using emotes tot alk to Shockwave^?
* RaydenUni he can't see normal messages?
* Shockwave^ Correct Rayden
<Sonic^> shockwave is a nub
<+RaydenUni> /me runs around and kills Shockwave^
<DHP> lets plot against him
* Shockwave^ BTW, highlights still work, you gits. So I can see my name come up
* RaydenUni tht sucks :(

#153 | Rank: +(41)- | Report
<+RaydenUni> i think i questioned my sexuality once... i asked myself "would i rather kiss a girl or some guy with a beard?" and once i was done throwing up i never questioned again
<+MrMojo> yeah, the girl had no chance

#152 | Rank: +(34)- | Report
[@PS_Mouse]: following the laws of physics, could david really own goliath?
[+spacer]: if he had a gl

#151 | Rank: +(58)- | Report
<+brute_force> erm
<+brute_force> yeah, you kow
<+brute_force> now
<+brute_force> know
<+brute_force> fdfs
<+brute_force> ffs
<+spacer|mapping> rofl
<+brute_force> I suck at tyoug
<+brute_force> er

#150 | Rank: +(55)- | Report
<JHunz> remember: the hardcore only need printf statements for debugging
<@[CB]Elven_Thief> yeah jhunz, that's what i use
<@[CB]Elven_Thief> ok. i'm going to deterimine if this is just this loop or the ide.
<+chips[zof]> JHunz: the hardcore only need DOS interrupts for debugging
<[FFT]Narfwak> JHunz, the hardcore must not right applets :X
<Dunsby> the hard core dont even need to know the code..
<@BabyOnos> You know, in all honesty, I've had so many problems with IDE's that I actually avoid them if I can do so reasonably.
<JHunz> the hardcore don't debug at all, they just write perfect code

#148 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<Bogglesteinsky> ok, who was that?
<Shockwave> hmmm
<Shockwave> I dunno Bogglesteinsky
<Bogglesteinsky> ...
* Shockwave dances at GG multiple tier jokes!

#147 | Rank: +(56)- | Report
* blackholebeard shoves Uranium in the cannons and launches him into a neighboring island
<CaptUranium> Yarr... them be largish cannons
<blackholebeard> my cannons are the biggest in the world
<CaptUranium> so large... so long...
<CaptUranium> so hard and black...
<CaptUranium> and them balls be so solid
<blackholebeard> my balls are the hugest
<CaptUranium> large, round, solid balls to accompany that thar large, long, hard cannon
<blackholebeard> yes, now shut up and get in
<CaptUranium> Yarr, ye have to be removin' them pance first.
<blackholebeard> pance?
<CaptUranium> Aye, and it may pinch a little

#145 | Rank: +(61)- | Report
<bacon_flaps> OMG
* bacon_flaps flaps

#141 | Rank: +(57)- | Report
<Pulse> doom sucks at zelda
<DOOManiac> Pulse sucks at life
<Pulse> I think you have "Pulse" confused with "DOOManiac"
<DOOManiac> you're right pulse <DOOManiac> i'm sorry
<DOOManiac> let me kick myself <DOOManiac> !k Pulse oops

#140 | Rank: +(63)- | Report
<Bogglesteinsky> that is one think that really hacks me off
<Bogglesteinsky> people who go "hmm" when they are about to say something
<+RaydenUni> hmmm
<+RaydenUni> you're right it is annoying

#139 | Rank: +(40)- | Report
<esuna> hmm, dispite the fact i'm entirely non-religious... what's the chances of me becoming the pope?
<Athena[GP]> ...
<Athena[GP]> esuna: just hump enough little boys
<Athena[GP]> and go bald.
<esuna> Athena[GP]: well i'm half way there
<Fam|onabreak> Youre not bald esuna.
<esuna> DOT DOT DOT
<esuna> Fam|onabreak: :D
<Fam|onabreak> DOT DOT DOT
* Zazi386 strokes esuna
* esuna is stroked by the DEMON LORD
<Zazi386> you know it
<Zazi386> wait wait wait
<Zazi386> esuna is a GUY
<Zazi386> right?
<Zazi386> ...
* Zazi386 runs

#138 | Rank: +(62)- | Report
<Fam|onabreak> asstrails are not against the channel rules.

#137 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<ABoojumSnark> the popenub better be writing this all down in the Book of Pwn

#135 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<dazziegirl> :o my bed just got stolen...

#134 | Rank: +(60)- | Report
<+bacon_flaps> don't let the bedskulks bite

#133 | Rank: +(57)- | Report
<Burr> my ex didn't know what "sanitation" meant
<eediot> hahahaha
<Trevelyan> ooooo
<Kaine[zof]> hhahah
<Trevelyan> like... how bad?
<Trevelyan> days between showers?
<Trevelyan> weeks?
<niurou> years!
<DralTheImpaler> Burr was she from Southampton?
<Burr> no, just the word

#130 | Rank: +(59)- | Report
*** DeadLocke666 is now known as Geminosity

#129 | Rank: +(56)- | Report
<Dunsby> i have hairy nipples.
<RaydenUni> pics?

#128 | Rank: +(61)- | Report
<Dunsby> anyone here good with flash?
<Zero7> Fam is =P
<DOOManiac> Fam shows his balls to the public, yes
<Dunsby> heh
<Dunsby> ive seen his bouncing balls
<Zero7> yea, Fam's balls are like famous.
<DOOManiac> yeah, Fam has gained fame for his balls
<Zero7> which reminds me, anyone have a link to Fam's balls?

#127 | Rank: +(34)- | Report
* Geminosity curls up on nem's back and purrs
<NemesisZero> Strange choice of location while I'm ramming my sheer mass against another guys tru... Ah-ha!

#126 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<bacon_flaps> I haven't been able to find my watch for 3 days >_<
<DralTheImpaler> bacon_flaps have you tried pinging it?
<lolfighter> Checked your OTHER wrist?