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<esuna> hmm, dispite the fact i'm entirely non-religious... what's the chances of me becoming the pope?
<Athena[GP]> ...
<Athena[GP]> esuna: just hump enough little boys
<Athena[GP]> and go bald.
<esuna> Athena[GP]: well i'm half way there
<Fam|onabreak> Youre not bald esuna.
<esuna> DOT DOT DOT
<esuna> Fam|onabreak: :D
<Fam|onabreak> DOT DOT DOT
* Zazi386 strokes esuna
* esuna is stroked by the DEMON LORD
<Zazi386> you know it
<Zazi386> wait wait wait
<Zazi386> esuna is a GUY
<Zazi386> right?
<Zazi386> ...
* Zazi386 runs

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