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* blackholebeard shoves Uranium in the cannons and launches him into a neighboring island
<CaptUranium> Yarr... them be largish cannons
<blackholebeard> my cannons are the biggest in the world
<CaptUranium> so large... so long...
<CaptUranium> so hard and black...
<CaptUranium> and them balls be so solid
<blackholebeard> my balls are the hugest
<CaptUranium> large, round, solid balls to accompany that thar large, long, hard cannon
<blackholebeard> yes, now shut up and get in
<CaptUranium> Yarr, ye have to be removin' them pance first.
<blackholebeard> pance?
<CaptUranium> Aye, and it may pinch a little

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