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<JHunz> remember: the hardcore only need printf statements for debugging
<@[CB]Elven_Thief> yeah jhunz, that's what i use
<@[CB]Elven_Thief> ok. i'm going to deterimine if this is just this loop or the ide.
<+chips[zof]> JHunz: the hardcore only need DOS interrupts for debugging
<[FFT]Narfwak> JHunz, the hardcore must not right applets :X
<Dunsby> the hard core dont even need to know the code..
<@BabyOnos> You know, in all honesty, I've had so many problems with IDE's that I actually avoid them if I can do so reasonably.
<JHunz> the hardcore don't debug at all, they just write perfect code

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