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<Mart> Someone deleted my discussion post... hmmm
* Mart glares at the forum inhabitants.
<Greedo386> IT WAS THE UGLY ONE!!!
<HF-KIR|SpyderMonkey> That'd be me

#40 | Rank: +(50)- | Report
* Joins: dazziegirl (
* dazziegirl donces
* voogru quickly tries his lame pickup lines on dazziegirl
<Supernorn2000^> lol
<Delta-Snipe^> You need Deltas one fits all pick up line!
<Delta-Snipe^> "So... I hear you cook good"
* Fam quickly tries his lame torture methods on voogru
* Quits: dazziegirl ( (Quit)

#140 | Rank: +(65)- | Report
<Bogglesteinsky> that is one think that really hacks me off
<Bogglesteinsky> people who go "hmm" when they are about to say something
<+RaydenUni> hmmm
<+RaydenUni> you're right it is annoying

#155 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
* Shockwave^ is using /me's because he can't see anything else
* Shockwave^ has got all standard messages in black on black, and can't fix it
* RaydenUni wait. we are using emotes tot alk to Shockwave^?
* RaydenUni he can't see normal messages?
* Shockwave^ Correct Rayden
<Sonic^> shockwave is a nub
<+RaydenUni> /me runs around and kills Shockwave^
<DHP> lets plot against him
* Shockwave^ BTW, highlights still work, you gits. So I can see my name come up
* RaydenUni tht sucks :(

#63 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
<MonsieurEvil> Jedisar, what have I told you about using that steam-powered Commodore 64 for playing NS?
<MonsieurEvil> OMG I NEED MORE W00D CHIPZ0R!!!!!
<MonsieurEvil> D00DZ MORE CO4L FOR MEH PUT3R!

#100 | Rank: +(13)- | Report
<MrMojo> so.....anyone play GT3?
<MrMojo> God that was a boring game
<DOOManiac> O.o
<DOOManiac> MrMojo smokes crack a lot I see
<MrMojo> well some parts were fun
<DOOManiac> like the hitting an old woman with a bat part?
<MrMojo> grand turismo 3
<MrMojo> not gta
<pieceofsoap> not GTA3, GT3
<DOOManiac> ohhhhh
<DOOManiac> wel then yes, gran turismo sucks
<DOOManiac> continue.
<MrMojo> I shall so NS bash that, doom, you just watch
<bert|sney> too bad I'M NOT IN IT

#86 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<fate^brutality> can someone tell me how i chmod files on my own computer?
<DOOManiac> first step: you're on linux, right?
<fate^brutality> no
<fate^brutality> windows

#99 | Rank: +(10)- | Report
<Wurmspawn>I dislike commanding because, well, the interface isn't all that user firendly.
<NemesisZero>I dislike commanding because, well, I suck ass.

#172 | Rank: +(46)- | Report
<Redford> I hate being a mod in some ways - I HAVE to be evil.
<Redford> I'm like BLARGH and I scare the new people in the chat.
<supernorn2000^> Redford, the solution is to stop saying BLARGH
<Redford> neg. I have blargh trademarked.

#170 | Rank: +(38)- | Report
<Scythe-> Half-Life seven will be out by then.
<Shelle> Yeah, and he'll be fighting the nurses that are coming to give him sedatives...

#145 | Rank: +(62)- | Report
<bacon_flaps> OMG
* bacon_flaps flaps

#130 | Rank: +(59)- | Report
*** DeadLocke666 is now known as Geminosity

#125 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> !8ball does ChanServ eat cawk for lunch
<ChanServ> PS_Mouse: Can this question wait? I'm eating my lunch.

#117 | Rank: +(25)- | Report
<Zero7> there's another virus going around, this time being spread through PMs?
<RaydenUni> it pm's you and say "hi" it causes you to be nice to someone. its an awful virus

#67 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> ok zergling is playing me a game 'o chess
<[FFT]KaMiKaZe> Cartman, is there a way to watch?
<Cartman2b> yes, u gotta have
<[FFT]KaMiKaZe> who is black? who is white?
<Ty> moogle is white
<Cartman2b> black resigned
<[FFT]KaMiKaZe> moog just 0wned him
<|DL|JazzX> White always wins, They better balance the next version
<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> yeah pawns are buggy as hell
<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> they can move forward but cant attack forward?? WTF
<dsgasdsa> chess needs bullet time
<Wither> you're quitting chess?

#166 | Rank: +(38)- | Report
<eediot> ronin do you have a beard
<eediot> i bet you do
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> actually
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> I do
<eediot> ..
* eediot gasps
* eediot has quit IRC (Quit: RUNAWAY!!)
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> LOL
<DralTheImpaler> ....

#39 | Rank: +(41)- | Report
<Athena[GP]> One, we hooked up for about a month and then i dumped him
<Athena[GP]> One proposed to me and I ran far, far away.
<Athena[GP]> The third moved in and we lived together for almost two years.
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> you ran so far?
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> so far away?
<Athena[GP]> ronin: SO FAR AWAY YUS
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> you just couldnt get away?
<PS_Mouse> funny, I could have sworn ronin was about to break out into song
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> you ran all night and day?
<coedman> heh
<Athena[GP]> I think he already has
<niurou> lol
<PS_Mouse> ah
<PS_Mouse> there we go
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> thats so nsbash

#69 | Rank: +(34)- | Report
* aonomus wishes BabyOnos would turn on his creator and slay him
* aonomus wonders where BabyOnos is...
<Fam> BabyOnos is dead, man. D:
<aonomus> when did it happen?
<Fam> Or at least in a coma.
<m0d]Silverfox> i took him to the butcher
<aonomus> good
<esuna> will there be a funeral?
<m0d]Silverfox> he was old
<m0d]Silverfox> :/
<m0d]Silverfox> no funeral
<Commando> Got telefrag in the marine spawn :(
<m0d]Silverfox> just a meal
<m0d]Silverfox> :p
<aonomus> * Commando was killed by team_infportal
* m0d]Silverfox throws tasty ono meat in the channel
<aonomus> * coil was killed by Armory-Humper-1337
<m0d]Silverfox> wtf
<coil> his last words were... "pwn them... like I pwned them."
<aonomus> * aonomus was killed by door
<aonomus> what really happened coil
<coil> ari lost his hard drive
<coil> ):
<aonomus> ouchies
<esuna> *^^[OMGCLAN]esuna<TAG>-ftl- killed self with env_particles_custom
<aonomus> lmfao
* coil killed self with light_spot
<aonomus> BabyOnos learned to charge, and therefore charged out of his folder, and thru the boot sector <<< Theres your explanation
<coil> never shoulda built that 3rd hive in c:\winnt...

#141 | Rank: +(57)- | Report
<Pulse> doom sucks at zelda
<DOOManiac> Pulse sucks at life
<Pulse> I think you have "Pulse" confused with "DOOManiac"
<DOOManiac> you're right pulse <DOOManiac> i'm sorry
<DOOManiac> let me kick myself <DOOManiac> !k Pulse oops

#126 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<bacon_flaps> I haven't been able to find my watch for 3 days >_<
<DralTheImpaler> bacon_flaps have you tried pinging it?
<lolfighter> Checked your OTHER wrist?

#87 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
<HF|KIR|SpyderMonkey> Moderators are the only ones who praise god when the forums are down. <HF|KIR|SpyderMonkey> I stop randomly deleting/renaming sql files when I've had my rest.

#35 | Rank: +(31)- | Report
<DOOManiac|NSBash|NoReally> crap i haven't coded yet does not qualify
<DOOManiac|NSBash|NoReally> for obvious reasons
<PS_Mouse> why isn't "make it work" on the todo list?
<ZeroByte> :D
<u235|busy> "make it not-suck"

#195 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Commando> i'm gonna make my whole web-site outta HTML
<Insane> lol

#189 | Rank: +(46)- | Report
<Geminosity> watch me grab the attention of every male on internet ^^; =3 ^^

#129 | Rank: +(57)- | Report
<Dunsby> i have hairy nipples.
<RaydenUni> pics?

#138 | Rank: +(64)- | Report
<Fam|onabreak> asstrails are not against the channel rules.

#96 | Rank: +(55)- | Report
Fam is a snapperhead, I like crackers and cheese, what time is it?

#75 | Rank: +(61)- | Report
<HosNS> NS is for rednecks
<HosNS> WWF is an intellectual entertainment medium
<HosNS> any old Joe, Billy and Sue can sit at a PC and click
<HosNS> it takes a man of intelligence and education to watch men in tights dancing around each other

#162 | Rank: +(39)- | Report
<Reese_> he's just worried the project will get zazied like the last one was.
<@PS_Mouse> zazied?
<Reese_> yeah
<Reese_> zazied - adj. A state in which a project is slowed to the point where it is impossible to determine if development has stopped.
<@PS_Mouse> lol
<@PS_Mouse> ref: ns_widow

#168 | Rank: +(53)- | Report
<DOOManiac> if i had my way, steam would be vaporware.. (PUN INTENDED! HAR HAR HAR)
<[FFT][XeRoSLaYeR]> moo

#81 | Rank: +(48)- | Report
<BoZmAn20> Canadians are like amerienglifrencijapachinindianagermanorwespanitaliranian.
<[NSGuide]NemesisZero> So... Basically, they're Americans?

#70 | Rank: +(45)- | Report
<SmokeMasta> Leon : yes everybody knows what IBM stands for
<SmokeMasta> IBM : I blame Microsoft

#147 | Rank: +(57)- | Report
* blackholebeard shoves Uranium in the cannons and launches him into a neighboring island
<CaptUranium> Yarr... them be largish cannons
<blackholebeard> my cannons are the biggest in the world
<CaptUranium> so large... so long...
<CaptUranium> so hard and black...
<CaptUranium> and them balls be so solid
<blackholebeard> my balls are the hugest
<CaptUranium> large, round, solid balls to accompany that thar large, long, hard cannon
<blackholebeard> yes, now shut up and get in
<CaptUranium> Yarr, ye have to be removin' them pance first.
<blackholebeard> pance?
<CaptUranium> Aye, and it may pinch a little

#159 | Rank: +(52)- | Report
<Wheeee> sup rooz!
<Behrooz> Just getting home from work and finding dinner.
<eediot> check underneath the couch
<Parhelion> meow?

#182 | Rank: +(49)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> the scary thing about NSBash is that no-one ever tells you when they are submitting something, it just appears there
<PS_Mouse> why someone might even be submitting this now...

#3 | Rank: +(50)- | Report
<[NSGuide]Greedo386> I'm American. I respect the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Speech is one of the greatest parts of being American. That being said, you have no rights in here, whatsoever.

#56 | Rank: +(34)- | Report
<Nil_IQ> someone say something funny so i can submit it to NSBash
<Nil_IQ> i order you
<Nil_IQ> damn, i should have seen that coming...

#2 | Rank: +(64)- | Report
<@Scythe-> this one time i looked at my (now gone) watch and said "My! It's Pi o'clock!"
<@Scythe-> and some american lass nearby said "Oh my god... that's so nerdy"
<RaydenUni> "what time is it?" "pi/6"
<RaydenUni> hmm what time is that?
<@Scythe-> degrees or radians?
<RaydenUni> well duh pi/6 is radians
<RaydenUni> i don't want to know what that is in degrees
<@Scythe-> well technicially pi o'clock should be 3 o'clock exactly
<@Scythe-> pi/2 would be 9
<RaydenUni> no
<@Scythe-> 2pi/3 would be 6
<RaydenUni> pi is 6
<RaydenUni> 2pi is all the way around
<@Scythe-> oh yes

#48 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<bacon_flaps> Dude, get married and be like "NS brought us together, TAKE THAT EHARMONY.COM"

#160 | Rank: +(68)- | Report
<L3on> !tb Flayra 1h
*** ChanServ sets mode: -v+b Flayra *!*
*** Flayra was kicked by ChanServ (Bye. (L3on))

#36 | Rank: +(45)- | Report
<Hellfire> Have you had your manseks today?
<Hellfire> microseks
<Olmy> ???
<Olmy> uhhhh
* Olmy runs
* Olmy has left #flaytona
* brute_force also runs
* brute_force has left #flaytona
* Mendasp also also runs
* Mendasp has left #flaytona

#173 | Rank: +(51)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> interesting fact
<PS_Mouse> I am yet to 'woo' a girl my own age
<Infinitum> 'woo' = chloroform

#73 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Hellocke> So THAT'S what sound my CD drive makes when there's two discs in there.

#185 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<+brute_force> who the hell submitted the quote where I typed like a moron?
<@Mendasp> brute_force, there isn't enough space on the internet if we have to store the lines where you type like a moron.

#186 | Rank: +(45)- | Report
<Nil_IQ> it can, it look me 10 minutes to realise it wasnt going in because i just wasnt pushing hard enough
* Nil_IQ prepares to be quoted out of context

#174 | Rank: +(46)- | Report
<Talesin> Movement - My personal first choice, for one reason alone. Celerity skulks. Take a small child and feed them a mixture of pixie sticks, steroids, and crack. Then hand them a pair of butcher knives, and scream real loud. You'll get roughly the same effect..

#84 | Rank: +(60)- | Report
<BoZmAn20> Man. We've been called Communists, Nazi's, I'm just waiting for the day we get compared to the American government for turning on +m.

#156 | Rank: +(40)- | Report
* killer_of_spiders was kicked by Ness (Infected with idiot virus. Come back when you've removed it)
* killer_of_spiders has joined #lunixmonster
<killer_of_spiders> um......dude...i have not clicked on links.......
* killer_of_spiders sighs as he boots up norton
<Ness> You must be infected more than I thought
<killer_of_spiders> you know what....
<killer_of_spiders> die

#1 | Rank: +(62)- | Report
<RaydenUni> #ns needs its own bash type site
<DOOManiac> what do you think i'm working on? ^_^

#79 | Rank: +(33)- | Report
<@DOOManiac> I don't believe in evolution for the sole fact that people are STILL as dumb as monkeys.


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