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<Phrag[GP]> me too
<SkRuPLeS> i love how steam blames it on you
<Phrag[GP]> lol
<Phrag[GP]> yea
<TyrNemesis^[GP]> redphive
<SkRuPLeS> YOU failed to connect to the friends network, you stupid m*****f*****

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<L3on> !tb Flayra 1h
*** ChanServ sets mode: -v+b Flayra *!*
*** Flayra was kicked by ChanServ (Bye. (L3on))

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<Mart> Someone deleted my discussion post... hmmm
* Mart glares at the forum inhabitants.
<Greedo386> IT WAS THE UGLY ONE!!!
<HF-KIR|SpyderMonkey> That'd be me

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<Bogglesteinsky> that is one think that really hacks me off
<Bogglesteinsky> people who go "hmm" when they are about to say something
<+RaydenUni> hmmm
<+RaydenUni> you're right it is annoying

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<@Scythe-> this one time i looked at my (now gone) watch and said "My! It's Pi o'clock!"
<@Scythe-> and some american lass nearby said "Oh my god... that's so nerdy"
<RaydenUni> "what time is it?" "pi/6"
<RaydenUni> hmm what time is that?
<@Scythe-> degrees or radians?
<RaydenUni> well duh pi/6 is radians
<RaydenUni> i don't want to know what that is in degrees
<@Scythe-> well technicially pi o'clock should be 3 o'clock exactly
<@Scythe-> pi/2 would be 9
<RaydenUni> no
<@Scythe-> 2pi/3 would be 6
<RaydenUni> pi is 6
<RaydenUni> 2pi is all the way around
<@Scythe-> oh yes

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<Fam|onabreak> asstrails are not against the channel rules.

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<[CB]Elven_Thief> onos is singular. oh**** is plural

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<Dunsby> anyone here good with flash?
<Zero7> Fam is =P
<DOOManiac> Fam shows his balls to the public, yes
<Dunsby> heh
<Dunsby> ive seen his bouncing balls
<Zero7> yea, Fam's balls are like famous.
<DOOManiac> yeah, Fam has gained fame for his balls
<Zero7> which reminds me, anyone have a link to Fam's balls?

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<Redford> So an underage guy. On a bike. Drunk. Wearing a skirt. Thank the gods you didn't run into any police.
<esuna> underage guy?
<Redford> well, underage in the US, where do you live?
<esuna> england
<Redford> whoops, that's right. Ok. Not underage.
<Redford> legal drinking age is 21 here.
<Sonic^> 21?! what kind of sick backwards country do you live in!
<Bogglesteinsky> america

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<DOOManiac> i had an important revelation last night
<DOOManiac> i figured out, i need to date a chick who loves Transformers
<ronin^Freak> ...
<Cartman2b^CS> ...
<Thansal|Depressed> LOL
<Cartman2b^CS> lol
<DOOManiac> that way when we are getting freaky she can be all "arise, Rodimus Prime

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<RaydenUni> #ns needs its own bash type site
<DOOManiac> what do you think i'm working on? ^_^

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On NS in the good ol' days:
<Grams3r> Back in my day, we had to knife every skulk we seen.. Guns? bah, we didn't need 'em.
<Grams3r> Our armory consisted of an old rusty bucket with ammo packs in them
<Gramchips> pfft, our phasegate was just a tin can with a spring!
<Gramprox> back in the day, admin_slap was a swift beating from a cane
<Gramchips> siege cannons? we had to drill a hole through the wall!
<GrandpaSaturn> a "heavy weapons guy" was your aunt petunia with a frying pan!
* Gramby jacks GraMastas wheelchair and makes a break for it, at 5 mph

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<bacon_flaps> OMG
* bacon_flaps flaps

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<HosNS> NS is for rednecks
<HosNS> WWF is an intellectual entertainment medium
<HosNS> any old Joe, Billy and Sue can sit at a PC and click
<HosNS> it takes a man of intelligence and education to watch men in tights dancing around each other

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<+bacon_flaps> don't let the bedskulks bite

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<SqueAl> they are totally clueless. they are pretty much "well, uh...have you tried stripping naked, painting yourself blue, and dancing the in rythm to the flight of the bumblebee to call down the favor of the email gods?"
<SqueAl> and, sadly, I had to tell them that, yes, yes I havd actually

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<BoZmAn20> Man. We've been called Communists, Nazi's, I'm just waiting for the day we get compared to the American government for turning on +m.

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<Hellocke> ****. I stabbed myself in the back of the jaw with my toothbrush, and it's hurting like a bitch. <Hellocke> I ran in to the door. <Hellocke> Well. More like moved up to the door to see who was outside, and forgot I had a toothbrush in my mouth.

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*** DeadLocke666 is now known as Geminosity

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<Burr> my ex didn't know what "sanitation" meant
<eediot> hahahaha
<Trevelyan> ooooo
<Kaine[zof]> hhahah
<Trevelyan> like... how bad?
<Trevelyan> days between showers?
<Trevelyan> weeks?
<niurou> years!
<DralTheImpaler> Burr was she from Southampton?
<Burr> no, just the word

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<DruBo|sney> |o| TIE FIGHTER
<Scythe|NS> X <-- xwing
<[FFT]Fangs> <o> Darth Vaders ultra cool Tie Fighter of doom
<DruBo|sney> nono fangs, that one looks like this: (=o=)
<Vim> >o< Bow-tie fighter.
<Bijiy> (* ) <-- Death star
<Scythe|NS> G <-- millenium falcon
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> thats a piss poor death star
<[FFT]Fangs> God, we are nerds

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<Pulse> doom sucks at zelda
<DOOManiac> Pulse sucks at life
<Pulse> I think you have "Pulse" confused with "DOOManiac"
<DOOManiac> you're right pulse <DOOManiac> i'm sorry
<DOOManiac> let me kick myself <DOOManiac> !k Pulse oops

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<+brute_force> erm
<+brute_force> yeah, you kow
<+brute_force> now
<+brute_force> know
<+brute_force> fdfs
<+brute_force> ffs
<+spacer|mapping> rofl
<+brute_force> I suck at tyoug
<+brute_force> er

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<Dunsby> i have hairy nipples.
<RaydenUni> pics?

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* blackholebeard shoves Uranium in the cannons and launches him into a neighboring island
<CaptUranium> Yarr... them be largish cannons
<blackholebeard> my cannons are the biggest in the world
<CaptUranium> so large... so long...
<CaptUranium> so hard and black...
<CaptUranium> and them balls be so solid
<blackholebeard> my balls are the hugest
<CaptUranium> large, round, solid balls to accompany that thar large, long, hard cannon
<blackholebeard> yes, now shut up and get in
<CaptUranium> Yarr, ye have to be removin' them pance first.
<blackholebeard> pance?
<CaptUranium> Aye, and it may pinch a little

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<dazziegirl> :o my bed just got stolen...

#150 | Rank: +(55)- | Report
<JHunz> remember: the hardcore only need printf statements for debugging
<@[CB]Elven_Thief> yeah jhunz, that's what i use
<@[CB]Elven_Thief> ok. i'm going to deterimine if this is just this loop or the ide.
<+chips[zof]> JHunz: the hardcore only need DOS interrupts for debugging
<[FFT]Narfwak> JHunz, the hardcore must not right applets :X
<Dunsby> the hard core dont even need to know the code..
<@BabyOnos> You know, in all honesty, I've had so many problems with IDE's that I actually avoid them if I can do so reasonably.
<JHunz> the hardcore don't debug at all, they just write perfect code

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<ronin^Freak`w3rk> some girls, you that taste, some girls, enjoy being treated like sluts
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> whos to say WHY they do, but god bless them for doing it
<Boomstick> yeah i could totally say they like the taste
<Boomstick> ermm.. not that i'd know what that
* Boomstick has quit IRC (Quit: CRAP)

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<Mart> hey guys check out my new hate list, you're all on it
<Insane^> lol

#89 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<Shrike30> caleb, you see, this is why you track them down by IP addy, and then i track them down with .308

#96 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
Fam is a snapperhead, I like crackers and cheese, what time is it?

#137 | Rank: +(54)- | Report
<ABoojumSnark> the popenub better be writing this all down in the Book of Pwn

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<+brute_force> who the hell submitted the quote where I typed like a moron?
<@Mendasp> brute_force, there isn't enough space on the internet if we have to store the lines where you type like a moron.

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<Coby> ROFL! Oh my god I suck SO much in action games lol
<FallenKnight> :S
<Coby> Im playing AvP2
<Coby> And like, I started the marine mission
* Bijiy strokes Space moogle
<Coby> I went through the first door with the other guys saying "scout ahead we'll cover you" and I go in SCARED AS HECK! Then I move in for a meter or two then BANGBOOM the door jams and Im alone! In that point I hit esc and quit the game.

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<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> ok zergling is playing me a game 'o chess
<[FFT]KaMiKaZe> Cartman, is there a way to watch?
<Cartman2b> yes, u gotta have
<[FFT]KaMiKaZe> who is black? who is white?
<Ty> moogle is white
<Cartman2b> black resigned
<[FFT]KaMiKaZe> moog just 0wned him
<|DL|JazzX> White always wins, They better balance the next version
<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> yeah pawns are buggy as hell
<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> they can move forward but cant attack forward?? WTF
<dsgasdsa> chess needs bullet time
<Wither> you're quitting chess?

#91 | Rank: +(53)- | Report
<joev|bbiab> right.. off to the GF. wish me luck!
<Fam> Its not a clan match joev.
<joev|bbiab>Fam: You've never slept with my GF obviously :)
<Fam>Ill beright there honey, just gotta 'prepare' my 'offensetactics'
*** Comprox sees the GF have some 'defensivechambers' around her house

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<bacon_flaps> I haven't been able to find my watch for 3 days >_<
<DralTheImpaler> bacon_flaps have you tried pinging it?
<lolfighter> Checked your OTHER wrist?

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<Bogglesteinsky> ok, who was that?
<Shockwave> hmmm
<Shockwave> I dunno Bogglesteinsky
<Bogglesteinsky> ...
* Shockwave dances at GG multiple tier jokes!

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<DOOManiac> if i had my way, steam would be vaporware.. (PUN INTENDED! HAR HAR HAR)
<[FFT][XeRoSLaYeR]> moo

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<Fam> Stupid inner child, always wanting to play games, and peek up various peoples skirts.

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<DOOManiac> << WTF? there's a monty python's Meaning of Life PC Game? And its $5?
<sloe> haha
<Greedo386> hmmm... Meaning of Life... must just be the NS installer on a CD

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<Wheeee> sup rooz!
<Behrooz> Just getting home from work and finding dinner.
<eediot> check underneath the couch
<Parhelion> meow?

#179 | Rank: +(51)- | Report
<+spacer|mapping> mapping force sounds like a childrens tv show
<+spacer|mapping> like the power rangers
<+spacer|mapping> "OH NO, EVIL DOCTOR R_SPEEDS IS TRYING TO LAG THE CITY!" "muahaha!"

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<@Insane^> Seriously though
<@Insane^> All this past week I've been "**** that is a nice engine" at RL
<@Insane^> Like
<@Insane^> There was snow blowing of the roof of this hotel
<@Insane^> And I was all "****.. I need that particle system".
<@Insane^> And then I realised what I'd said.
<@Insane^> And went and cried.

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(Brutal_Sponge) laf
(@DOOManiac|NSBash) that goto box is the only thing that takes you to the number
(bs`evox) >_< my bad
(bs`evox) i cant read
(bs`evox) is that a bug?>
(@DOOManiac|NSBash) hahahhaa brutal :D
(Brutal_Sponge) read the title
(Brutal_Sponge) just amusing
(@DOOManiac|NSBash) NSBash - Top less people Quotes
(@DOOManiac|NSBash) gj :)
(Brutal_Sponge) :D
(@DOOManiac|NSBash) i'll fix that :P

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<PS_Mouse> interesting fact
<PS_Mouse> I am yet to 'woo' a girl my own age
<Infinitum> 'woo' = chloroform

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<[NSGuide]Greedo386> I'm American. I respect the Bill of Rights. Freedom of Speech is one of the greatest parts of being American. That being said, you have no rights in here, whatsoever.

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* Joins: dazziegirl (
* dazziegirl donces
* voogru quickly tries his lame pickup lines on dazziegirl
<Supernorn2000^> lol
<Delta-Snipe^> You need Deltas one fits all pick up line!
<Delta-Snipe^> "So... I hear you cook good"
* Fam quickly tries his lame torture methods on voogru
* Quits: dazziegirl ( (Quit)

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* Flayra|dinner is now known as Flayra|fun
<Comprox> Flayra having fun? Impossible!
<diablone> hes watching someone else code!

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<DXO> DOOManiac
<DXO> can i be a mod?
*** DOOManiac quit (Quit: !cainaMOOD ,em llik tsum uoy emag eht niw oT)

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<Wither> CS ANYONE?!?!!?
<Bogglesteinsky> NO
<Bogglesteinsky> sorry
<Bogglesteinsky> reflex action

#47 | Rank: +(48)- | Report
<esuna> oreos are made from satan's groin
<esuna> i swear it
<esuna> nothing but the devil's genitalia could create such a monstrosity

#80 | Rank: +(48)- | Report
[Chal|thing] "If two trains leave different cities simultaneously, heading toward each other at 80mph and 120mph respectively, all the passengers will arrive at the hospital at roughly the same time."

#171 | Rank: +(48)- | Report
<Fam> I may be the same star sign as esuna, but at least I wasnt born when the earth was in full phase with the planet Idiot..

#182 | Rank: +(48)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> the scary thing about NSBash is that no-one ever tells you when they are submitting something, it just appears there
<PS_Mouse> why someone might even be submitting this now...

#81 | Rank: +(47)- | Report
<BoZmAn20> Canadians are like amerienglifrencijapachinindianagermanorwespanitaliranian.
<[NSGuide]NemesisZero> So... Basically, they're Americans?

#176 | Rank: +(47)- | Report
<Scythe-> there's plenty of money to be made on the streets
<Redford> *EL SIGH*
<Scythe-> you could always.. y'know... sell certain services from street corners...
<Scythe-> like... oven cleaning...

#38 | Rank: +(46)- | Report
<Vinnie-sleep> its a huge program
<Vinnie-sleep> it just dosnt want to tell you it is
<PS_Mouse> so steam is a woman?
<PS_Mouse> damn, I knew it

#115 | Rank: +(45)- | Report
<Scythe-> )*&A^)*&T FV <-- plastic surgery smilie

#189 | Rank: +(45)- | Report
<Geminosity> watch me grab the attention of every male on internet ^^; =3 ^^

#36 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Hellfire> Have you had your manseks today?
<Hellfire> microseks
<Olmy> ???
<Olmy> uhhhh
* Olmy runs
* Olmy has left #flaytona
* brute_force also runs
* brute_force has left #flaytona
* Mendasp also also runs
* Mendasp has left #flaytona

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<SmokeMasta> Leon : yes everybody knows what IBM stands for
<SmokeMasta> IBM : I blame Microsoft

#83 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<rob|gone> you know what...i'm gonna invent a phone that goes "Answer the phone, idiot." instead of rings

#172 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Redford> I hate being a mod in some ways - I HAVE to be evil.
<Redford> I'm like BLARGH and I scare the new people in the chat.
<supernorn2000^> Redford, the solution is to stop saying BLARGH
<Redford> neg. I have blargh trademarked.

#174 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Talesin> Movement - My personal first choice, for one reason alone. Celerity skulks. Take a small child and feed them a mixture of pixie sticks, steroids, and crack. Then hand them a pair of butcher knives, and scream real loud. You'll get roughly the same effect..

#175 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Infinitum> Nem, wanna speak to my mother?
<Wither> oh yes put your mother on the phone
<Infinitum> pick it up
<Infinitum> shes waiting
<Blahman> "uh, hello.. internet boy..."

#186 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Nil_IQ> it can, it look me 10 minutes to realise it wasnt going in because i just wasnt pushing hard enough
* Nil_IQ prepares to be quoted out of context

#195 | Rank: +(44)- | Report
<Commando> i'm gonna make my whole web-site outta HTML
<Insane> lol

#5 | Rank: +(43)- | Report

#7 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<dazziegirl> i only own 1 pair of shoes
<RaydenUni> lies
<VeNeM> lies
<lugersleep> lies
<Etotheipi> lies?
<lugersleep> all LIES

#48 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<bacon_flaps> Dude, get married and be like "NS brought us together, TAKE THAT EHARMONY.COM"

#66 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<|Ex|-SuiCidal> people r just p***ys and afriad to chase an onos
<dsgasdsa> We should Have a Natural Selection Round-Up
<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> yes an onos rodeo
<[FFT]SpaceMoogle5> start the kids out on gorges.

#73 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<Hellocke> So THAT'S what sound my CD drive makes when there's two discs in there.

#125 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> !8ball does ChanServ eat cawk for lunch
<ChanServ> PS_Mouse: Can this question wait? I'm eating my lunch.

#155 | Rank: +(43)- | Report
* Shockwave^ is using /me's because he can't see anything else
* Shockwave^ has got all standard messages in black on black, and can't fix it
* RaydenUni wait. we are using emotes tot alk to Shockwave^?
* RaydenUni he can't see normal messages?
* Shockwave^ Correct Rayden
<Sonic^> shockwave is a nub
<+RaydenUni> /me runs around and kills Shockwave^
<DHP> lets plot against him
* Shockwave^ BTW, highlights still work, you gits. So I can see my name come up
* RaydenUni tht sucks :(

#33 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
<DOOManiac|NSBash> :(
<DOOManiac|NSBash> go to hell u235|busy
<u235|busy> I'm in #naturalselection
<u235|busy> how far do you want me to go

#72 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
<SquealLikeAPig> Man, thank god for L33t speak. I can make all the typos I usually do and people assume I'm just making fun of l33tspeakers <SquealLikeAPig> instead of the raging, 2 fingered keyboard mashing monkey retard that I actually am

#86 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
<fate^brutality> can someone tell me how i chmod files on my own computer?
<DOOManiac> first step: you're on linux, right?
<fate^brutality> no
<fate^brutality> windows

#153 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
<+RaydenUni> i think i questioned my sexuality once... i asked myself "would i rather kiss a girl or some guy with a beard?" and once i was done throwing up i never questioned again
<+MrMojo> yeah, the girl had no chance

#157 | Rank: +(42)- | Report
<PS_Mouse> hrm
<PS_Mouse> does the 35 seconds that 35s are named after have any significance?
<|R18|Play> it means they will f*** u up within 35 seconds
<PS_Mouse> minus the u?
<PS_Mouse> ^^

#63 | Rank: +(41)- | Report
<MonsieurEvil> Jedisar, what have I told you about using that steam-powered Commodore 64 for playing NS?
<MonsieurEvil> OMG I NEED MORE W00D CHIPZ0R!!!!!
<MonsieurEvil> D00DZ MORE CO4L FOR MEH PUT3R!

#77 | Rank: +(41)- | Report
<MightyMooquack> "The influx of newbies reminds me of nothing so much as a game of Missile Command."

#87 | Rank: +(41)- | Report
<HF|KIR|SpyderMonkey> Moderators are the only ones who praise god when the forums are down. <HF|KIR|SpyderMonkey> I stop randomly deleting/renaming sql files when I've had my rest.

#97 | Rank: +(41)- | Report
<Mart> I'm a little paranoid about my man breasts, I mean, I'm not sure if Fam will find them attractive or not.

#102 | Rank: +(41)- | Report
<Big_Fat_Duck> is there any way to make google recognize .'s between words
<OttoDestruct> you mena like
<OttoDestruct> XD
<Comprox> nothing wrong with that

#39 | Rank: +(40)- | Report
<Athena[GP]> One, we hooked up for about a month and then i dumped him
<Athena[GP]> One proposed to me and I ran far, far away.
<Athena[GP]> The third moved in and we lived together for almost two years.
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> you ran so far?
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> so far away?
<Athena[GP]> ronin: SO FAR AWAY YUS
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> you just couldnt get away?
<PS_Mouse> funny, I could have sworn ronin was about to break out into song
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> you ran all night and day?
<coedman> heh
<Athena[GP]> I think he already has
<niurou> lol
<PS_Mouse> ah
<PS_Mouse> there we go
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> thats so nsbash

#65 | Rank: +(40)- | Report
<UZi> i have a goatee too
<DOOManiac|NSBash> god damn internet
<DOOManiac|NSBash> thought i read <UZi> i have a goatse too
<DOOManiac|NSBash> :(

#156 | Rank: +(40)- | Report
* killer_of_spiders was kicked by Ness (Infected with idiot virus. Come back when you've removed it)
* killer_of_spiders has joined #lunixmonster
<killer_of_spiders> um......dude...i have not clicked on links.......
* killer_of_spiders sighs as he boots up norton
<Ness> You must be infected more than I thought
<killer_of_spiders> you know what....
<killer_of_spiders> die

#139 | Rank: +(39)- | Report
<esuna> hmm, dispite the fact i'm entirely non-religious... what's the chances of me becoming the pope?
<Athena[GP]> ...
<Athena[GP]> esuna: just hump enough little boys
<Athena[GP]> and go bald.
<esuna> Athena[GP]: well i'm half way there
<Fam|onabreak> Youre not bald esuna.
<esuna> DOT DOT DOT
<esuna> Fam|onabreak: :D
<Fam|onabreak> DOT DOT DOT
* Zazi386 strokes esuna
* esuna is stroked by the DEMON LORD
<Zazi386> you know it
<Zazi386> wait wait wait
<Zazi386> esuna is a GUY
<Zazi386> right?
<Zazi386> ...
* Zazi386 runs

#106 | Rank: +(38)- | Report
<Fam> I am only here for 10 minutes, I should be making Management Diagnostic Synchronisation Applications.
<Fam> Or, as I like to call them, "Stupid pointless Flash movies for idiotic clients".
<Hodge^waitingforNS> Fam, hookers have "clients"
<Hodge^waitingforNS> You have customers
<Fam> No, we have clients.
<Quasar> so Fam's a hooker? I KNEW it.
<Fam> damn right.

#162 | Rank: +(38)- | Report
<Reese_> he's just worried the project will get zazied like the last one was.
<@PS_Mouse> zazied?
<Reese_> yeah
<Reese_> zazied - adj. A state in which a project is slowed to the point where it is impossible to determine if development has stopped.
<@PS_Mouse> lol
<@PS_Mouse> ref: ns_widow

#110 | Rank: +(37)- | Report
<Khaim> ...I had no idea that flashlights could be vicious, much less deadly.
<KaiserRoll> they can be if you have epilepsy
<d34dly_fl4shlight[GP]> supa deadly actually
<KaiserRoll> or those mag lights with the d batteries can be used to bludgeon something
<Khaim> you'd have to have a pretty fast finger on the on-off switch to kill someone from an epilepsy attack with a flashlight...
<KaiserRoll> unless you hit them with it?
<Khaim> Well... I suppose that would work too.
* Khaim proceeds to beat KaiserRoll to death with a mag light with size D batteries in it.

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<Petco> what does ping? pong! mean?
<GI-Joe> its a game
<coil^> that's your computer and the IRC server talking to each other
<GI-Joe> you play it with mirc
<coil^> basically, your computers says "I'm still here, ping!" and the server says "ok, pong!"
<Petco> Oh I get this computer techology stuff
<Scythe|HLR> so nsbashed
<Redford^> Yes.

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<eediot> ronin do you have a beard
<eediot> i bet you do
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> actually
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> I do
<eediot> ..
* eediot gasps
* eediot has quit IRC (Quit: RUNAWAY!!)
<ronin^Freak`w3rk> LOL
<DralTheImpaler> ....

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<Scythe-> Half-Life seven will be out by then.
<Shelle> Yeah, and he'll be fighting the nurses that are coming to give him sedatives...

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<@coil> I can't believe I just voluntarily installed RealPlayer. /:
<@coil> I feel dirty.
<+alius> you should
<@coil> though I find it hysterical that it's so far refusing to load at all.
<RaydenUni> coil, your computer knows what's best for you
<@coil> apparently!

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<DrunkenBozo> I hate fileplanet!
<DrunkenBozo> AAARRRGH!
<Aaarrrgh> yes?

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* Geminosity curls up on nem's back and purrs
<NemesisZero> Strange choice of location while I'm ramming my sheer mass against another guys tru... Ah-ha!

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<Commando^> Redford! RELEASE THE MONKEY!
* Redford releases the monkey
<rabbiteh> menkey???
<rabbiteh> where?!
* Kaine[zof] protects rabbiteh from teh monkey
<|DL|JazzX> One monkey? It had better at least have a knife.

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