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Donation Perks

We are now accepting donations for SnarkServ! If you are unfamiliar with what SnarkServ is, it is a plugin EXCLUSIVELY for our servers that records cumulative time spent on server and rewards for every 10 hours spent on servers.

SnarkServ Patrons will have four levels corresponding to ammount donated. Every $5 donated will grant you 1 level, and is cumulative.
You can say !mycommands while playing in any Cafe of Rabid Snarks server to see all commands available to you. Also you can type !donate to see what donation commands are available to you.
Also its only $2 a month, there after to maintain your donation level.

SnarkServ Levels & Description
  • Every level includes connect sound and connect message
  • All armor regen is +1 armor per second
  • Level 1: $5 (Max Health 110, Max armor 10, +1 HP per second regeneration)
  • Level 2: $10 (Max Health 125, Max armor 35, +3 HP per second regeneration, !speedup - makes you run faster)
  • Level 3: $15 (Max Health 150, Max armor 60, +6 HP per second regeneration, !speedup - makes you run faster, !tag - allows you to start a game of tag)
  • Level 4: $20+ (Max Health 200, Max armor 100, +12 HP per second regeneration, !speedup - makes you run faster, !tag - allows you to start a game of tag, !gravity - allows you to change your personal gravity)

So for example, if you donate $20 you will get a donation level of 4, which will last for 1 month. Before the end of the 1 month, if you donate $2 you get to keep your donation level.
Or say if you donate $5 one month you get donation level 1 then, before 1 month has past you donate $15 you will get an additional 3 donation levels for a total of donation level 4. Since donation level 4 is the maximum, all you need is to donate $2 there after to keep your donation level 4.
So donation levels can accumulate, if done so before the previous level expires.

Future plans will include ability to, custom sounds, and much more.

Reserved slots are also available for $2 monthly fee, seperate from SnarkServ donations (reserved slots are seprate from SnarkServ levels, and Do accumulate).
Reserved slots provide you with a guaranteed connection to ANY Cafe of Rabid Snarks server.

SnarkServ Commands

!regen_help - display help for regeneration commands

  • Level 1: !regen 1
  • Level 2: !regen 2
  • Level 3: !regen 3
  • Level 4: !regen 4

For more information please feel free to contact the Cafe of Rabid Snarks by e-mail at

All donations go towards the site and server, Snark Cafe is a not-for-profit orginzation.

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