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Transfering Domain to
Its that time again, to renew domain. And I have opted not to pay the high prices of, they are such a rip off. I have transfered the domain to godaddy, during the transfer DNS will more than likely get messed up as the register changes.
25 Aug 2005 by Fire-Wired

Snark Bash!
For those who know what is, we have decided to make a sven co-op related bash called snark bash.

Everyone is encouraged to post any quotes hl related. Snark Bash can be found here:
22 Aug 2005 by Fire-Wired

Planned Down Time
Just a Note to everyone, the server is going to be down Monday August 15'th between 8 am to 12 pm. As I will be updating the server and having it tweaked for performance, mainly having Hyper-Threading Disabled in the BIOS.

Its really a long story, but Half-Life Dedicated Servers Do Not run well on Hyper-Threaded CPU's.
14 Aug 2005 by Fire-Wired

Updates to NS server
Since Most people do not seem to like MOST of our custom NS maps, I have removed all custom maps from the server. There are only the default maps on the server now.

Its quite a shame, since everyone knows we like to run custom maps, why do they even bother joining? But I'm tired of not having any on to play a NS map with so I have just removed them all.
14 Aug 2005 by Fire-Wired

Need Donations
Again, we are in need of donations to keep the servers running. Please click the "Donate" link above and send anything you can, all donations are appreciated and will go twoards the new SnarkServ features. Right now, some of those features are currently broken, but they will be enabled soon as soon as the author returns from vacation. Also more features will be added in the near future.
12 Aug 2005 by CPeanutG

Forums update complete
YAY, after staying up all night working on the forums. I must say I had my doubts and pretty much lost all hope in ever fixing the forums, because of what happened last time with our old forums. But after messing with the forum and the sql for hours I was finaly able to beat phpbb2 into submission untill it caved in and started working once again.

Abet less a entire days worth of posts though, which is a mistake on my part. I accidently deleted the entire DB, thinking i had a up-to-date backup but it was a days old backup from the other night. Well the good news is the forums have finaly been updated to the latest version of phpbb, the bad news is i ran into a server error so i had to move the forums. And as well with any update we lost all functionality of ALL of the forum mods.

This time around I am not going to install every forum mod under the sun, only the basic ones we need like attachments, and images. Also it helps to keep up with phpbb releases, as if you get to far behind you run into trouble like what i just went through.
09 Aug 2005 by Fire-Wired

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